Friday, 19 March 2021

Friday 19th March

Tumblr Beauties

I wonder what the story is behind this mysterious top image.
Was there perhaps more pictures from a set of images?
It's just one of many pictures at a tumblr called.....



More of Casper on IKANDEE-II HERE and HERE

More pictures and Casper fan's stories

INSTAGRAM -  (Currently set to private )

Casper's TUMBLR

Casper @LPSG - stories, pics & info (7 pages)

Casper's Emo days on FACEBOOK (as Chris Dakota)

Chris from The Netherlands

More of Chris's best images can be found at

Below:  Chris by Topper Komm

Dutch Beauty

Above and below is Martijn Faaij from The Netherlands who
features among several other top models in the first edition
of Poster Magazine.
The images are by Barrie Hullegie.

More images can be seen @WHY NOT MODELS

For Love, We Can

The Hong Kong Asian Film industry has produced some great movies. And in this
2014 drama titled 'For Love , We Can'  we observe the up and down developments
of a gay mismatched relationship. And when things go sour between Jun (Yau Sau)
and Bank worker Michael (Carlos Chan) life suddenly goes pear shaped after a revelation
tests their relationship.

Video uploaded to Youtube by August K

Below:  Yau Hawk-Sau looking even more devastatingly handsome in
the 2017 Prison drama 'With Prisoners.'

Trailer HERE.
Full Movie @asiaangaytv