Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Mexican Beauty.....Adan

Bursting onto my Insta feed yesterday is this very attractive Mexican beauty
that goes by the name of Adan. And some of these images were taken by
photographer Jordan Ferreira who has been putting out some great work recently,
featuring his star model ARES LESPRON (below).

Apparently photographer Jordan has some new images of our model here, Adan,
who will feature in a soon to be seen bathroom photo shoot with another
model called Abraham. There's even a teaser trailer HERE.

Below are some links for Adan.



Roxas Caelum describes himself as a sexy Bi Gamer and is often prone to dressing up
as Spiderman. I recently stumbled upon him while watching a video. And I couldn't help
noticing how fresh and different he seemed compared to the other participants in the
video. He doesn't appear to be covered in tattoos, isn't sporting a fastidious
colour dyed hairstyle and neither is there any body jewellery or piercings. And in a way
this all adds to his appeal.

Below are a few gifs I made from that VIDEO at EyeFilmz. It's really a short behind
the scenes production.

Links below for Roxas.


Sunday, 19 September 2021

Corey....Not So Innocent!

When I first saw these images of hot insta guy Corey, I totally got the wrong picture
of him, believing him to be all sweet and innocent. That is until I saw his

He likes to call himself King Corey and he has a boyfriend called Dylan. 
More links below.

I wonder what has become of Mark's long running blog Eros in Arcadia. Did he decide
to call it a day? Or was it what I suspect and that it was nuked by Google. I know that
Mark had a run in with Google recently and was defiant that he wasn't going to change
anything, and had planned to carry on as normal. And so was the issue over copyright
or was it really something to do with censorship?

I remember how bad I felt when my own blog The Beauty Hunter was nuked by
Google just a few years ago after 7 years of work. It had a healthy following with
lots of daily visitors, something you lose immediately once you're taken down without
any kind of warning. And I don't think you ever win back that audience.

Mark's blog was clearly very popular as it was from there that I received most of my
daily visitors. They would look in his blog links to see who has and who hasn't put up new
posts. And sure enough a thumbnail for my latest post would be up there somewhere.
And not surprisingly Mark's online demise actually discouraged me from
posting anything up last week as this blog is now less visible to blog hunters. Although
I see that some regular daily visitors are finding us here via one or two other blogs that are
linked up to these pages.

Let's hope that Mark returns back online soon with something new.

A Dior Archive Gem

These wonderful archive images by photographer Michael Chelbin were commissioned
by Dior Homme and Dust Magazine for the 2016/17 Dior Winter Collection.

Many of the models were chosen from a Dancing School in Antwerp. And the photo shoot
took place in a charming 200 year old building in Saint Ursula at a former Educational
Institution in Mechelen, between Brussels and Antwerp.

A video of a behind the scenes of the photo shoot can be seen at the bottom of this post.

More images from the photo shoot can be seen