Friday, 30 October 2020

That's All Folks....We're Finished Here!

So that's all folks. I've decided to finish up here. There seems no point in stretching
out the agony right up to the end of the year.

The fact is that over the last few years we've lost too many friends, supporters and 
contributors. So it seems barely worth the effort in continuing. I know that 
many bloggers are unaffected by zero feedback, but that's something I cant live with,
having spent so much time and effort on these pages.

I've removed all links and posts, although I have kept some of my most treasured
posts as drafts, the ones that took many days to put together.

Thanks to our few visitors that took the time to stop by and leave comments.

Unfortunately due to some HTML errors I seem to have lost my original Blogger template for i-kandee
while removing all the posts to drafts. And I'm having to sign off here with this horrible blogger template.
Perhaps over the weekend I can experiment and see if I can somehow find the hidden settings and adjust it to a more likable layout.


Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Preparing For the Inevitable!

So what are we to do with this blog? And I suppose that after a long think
I'll give it until Christmas week before I decide what to finally do with it.
I guess that I've been struggling to come to terms with becoming a one
comment blog after 13 years of Blogging. It certainly was never like that
when I first started out in 2007/8.
And I suppose it didn't really help things by re-starting here in early 2019
when I chose to split from my other blog CHRYSALISM so that I could 
keep the eye candy material separate from the art, history and London photos.
But I always enjoy looking over my Chrysalism archives. A blog that 
I intend to carry on with, be it less due to Covid as a lot of my posts are 
created outdoors.

It didn't either help things when we opened i-Kandy and MILKBOYS chose not
to link up with us after being supported by them for over ten years. I imagine 
that it was all a misunderstanding in the first place as I was actually waiting for 
their approval when putting up all the new blog links that day. But that
approval never came. And their other link to us was removed from Chrysalism.
Perhaps that day was in fact the beginning of the end. It was a double 
execution in a single day. 

Hopefully things here might pick up but I'm not too hopeful.  I'm all but 
mentally prepared to join our friend VERA in the Sea of sunken ships 
by the end of this year.    


That's All Folks....We're Finished Here!

So that's all folks. I've decided to finish up here. There seems no point in stretching ...