Monday, 24 January 2022

Introducing The All Asian North Star Boys.

Above:  Ryan from NSB - NORTH STAR BOYS

Fame does seem to come in all sorts of different ways. And believing that this group
of all American Asian lads to be the next big thing in the K-Pop world, they are in
fact a very successful Content Collective with a phenomenal 4.8 million followers on Tiktok.

The North Star Boys was formed in August 2021 by popular online Brothers Oliver and
Sebastian Moy. And they were hastily signed up by WME Management in October 2021.

The lucky lads were given a huge luxury Content house with numerous rooms, a swimming pool,
an outdoor jacuzzi as well as a basketball practice court. And it's in this house where they
create their daily content for their millions of followers. And each of the lads have their own
individual Tiktok and Youtube channels.

The group caused a commotion recently when they posed in front of a wall mural that
said 'Stop Asian Hate' and were later accused of a Thirst Trap.

The group consists of Oliver Moy, Sebastian Moy, Justin Phan, Ryan Nguyen, Darren Liang,
Kane Ratan and Regie Mocalino along with their Manager Bae and Ty the video director.

Some links below.

Below: Oliver Moy

Below: The boys get to taste their first slice of fame when they meet their fans for the first time
at a meet and greet outside the local Mall.



Cameron White is a young gifted make-up artist and it shows in his elaborate and
detailed make-up videos. But looking over them, I began to wonder when the whole
male gay teen make-up culture began. And I'm guessing that it wasn't too long after
Rau Paul hit our tv screens in 2009 with the first series of Drag Race.

And as glam as Cameron looks in his videos I can't help saying how attractive
he looks without make-up as you can see in the first half of his tiktok video below.

Links for Cameron.


Sunday, 16 January 2022

Justin....Lost But Now Found......Plus Updates.


So I've actually recently been posting up eye candy images on a new different social platform
under a changed name. I guess I've been feeling a bit disillusioned with Blogger lately.
And the big end of year festive post on my other blog Chrysalism didn't get much of a
look-in after four weeks work. I was panicking to finalize it right into my Christmas Day.

Perhaps by keeping the Comments 'off' I should have expected such things. After all the big end
of year post was usually when lots of old friends and Bloggers would drop by even if 
it was once in the whole year.

I was even more puzzled to see that one or two regular diehard visitors, the ones who arrive
here first as soon as a new post goes up (through their fast blog feeds), well they didn't show up until
almost New Year, even though those guys were being active online. The Blog stats say a lot.
So I'll probably reward myself next Christmas and put my feet up. Those big mega posts can
be quite time consuming.

So for now just a few new posts below.

It's always good to finally be able to put a name to a face. And I had just the one picture of
this Puerto Rican who goes by the name of Justin Valentin. But thankfully one Tumblr was
kind enough to actually put his name up.

Justin is a professional Acrobat with the Cirque Du Sol and is currently performing with them
in Las Vegas.

Below are some of Justin's links.