Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Hot Times and Covid-19 Denial

Last Friday gave us our hottest day of the year. But with only around 4 weeks
left of our very unusual Summer, this coming Friday is predicted to be another
hot one at 34c, probably our second hottest day of the year.


It was only a month ago that another lockdown ease saw our Pubs and bars re-open.
And we all remember the chaotic scenes in Soho (below) where social distancing
was the last thing on anyone's mind. Most of us thought that it was probably
just a one off party event after the long shutdown of the Pubs and bars.
But apparently it wasn't, as similar scenes were recorded in a packed out Soho
last weekend.
I was actually amazed that the Pubs even opened up so early in the year as it was
originally predicted that they would be the last thing to re-open around the
end of the year, as even mentioned in this newspaper headline below from last April.

So do I think that Boris and his Government got it wrong around the start of the

lockdown in late March? Of course I do. And if our Ministers were supposedly
being guided by Science, then why didn't they advise Boris to take stricter measures
on our border controls, forcing quarantine restrictions on incoming arrivals from
Asia and Europe.

It is sad to see a minority of people getting drunk on Covid-19 denial. They seem
determined to carry out their Summer like any normal year. 
I'm no killjoy but I can't even understand why people want to go away on
holidays during a global pandemic.

I was watching the live St Ives Harbour webcam from down in Cornwall, and barely
any of the visitors down there walking about were wearing masks.
It's as though they have left their homes from London and the Counties to escape
the pandemic. They're all in holiday mode so to them there is no pandemic.
And it's frightening the residents of St Ives who are now too frightened to go
to the shops for food, even banning their children from the small narrow streets
and the Harbour front. ( full story below ).



Apparently Government Ministers are now faced with a new dillemna. Do they
go ahead and re-open Schools in September for the start of the new academic
year, or do they close down the Pubs and Bars instead.

Well no one is talking about it just yet, but with our Summer moving on,
we'll soon be heading into our first Covid Christmas!

And as I write this we just heard that Aberdeen in Scotland has gone
back in to full lockdown.

Below: Those recent chaotic scenes in Soho. 

More of Ralphie!

I couldn't resist posting up more images of the gorgeous Ralph Woods from
Montreal Canada.
Of course we don't see so much of Ralphie online these days. He's clearly
moved on to different directions in his life.

And with Ralph now at 34 and heading for that stretch of years approaching 40
I can only imagine how much hotter he must be looking these days.

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Boys From Brazil

Photographer Bruno Barreto captures an early evening sunkissed editorial for
Samba Magazine,
an online model website that launched in late 2018. It describes itself as a home
for fashion and creativity in a Brazilian way.

The models featured (as in top image) are left to right YANN FRANCO,

All images are via the SAMBA MAGAZINE INSTA PAGE.